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Persuasive Writing… Should Street art and Graffiti be Illegal or Legal

At present in class; children are looking at Famous people in the arts; Within this topic we are studying Banksy and Frizzell. For writing we are looking at the persuasive form and whether it should be legal or illegal…
Please read some of the arguments and give us some feedback.




November 18, 2010 @ 7:54 pm   

The Government wants to make Graffiti and tagging illegal. My opinion is that Graffiti should be illegal because it brightens up old bricks.

Also Grafftit is a form of art and so it should be appreciated by the public. Graffiti takes a lot of time to plan and create.

When authorities wash the Graffiti off the wall or fence it would be a waste of the artists time. Graffiti shows off the artists skills.

Many people have Graffiti as a hobby so if you illegalise Graffiti many people will protest against it.

BY: Jared



November 18, 2010 @ 8:27 pm   

I think that some sensible artistic Graffiti should be allowed but inappropriate graffiti is rude especially if it is on places that they did not ask to use. Graffitican be very hurtful writing, pictures or names.

Good Graffiti such as pictures and animals aer a joyful thing to see because it is amazing and it captures many peoples attenetion. The friendly Graffiti is always colourful and a good source of fun for the creator who made the piece of art, it also is interesting for the audience who is watching.

My next reason is that rude and yucky tagging is hurtful especially to the owner of what you tagged on. I really want Graffiti artists to ask the owners to use property before they begin their art work. Empty wall spaces should be really colourful and have cool designs. I think they should be able to do this if they ask the owner of that particular wall; for permission.

My final reason is that Graffiti can decorate all sorts of plain coloured things for example walls, vehicles, streets, buildings and cities.

Graffiti can be a good sensible thing thich is colourful and crafty or it could be a rude cruel thing which hurts people’s feelings. I think we sould try and ban all rude tagging and let good colourful artwork still be allowed in all the streets. So… Tagging should illegal and artwork should be legal! Stop all tagging everywhere. If people are caught tagging they should get one warning and if they are caught doing it again they should be arrested.

BY: Abigail



November 18, 2010 @ 8:46 pm   

Graffiti should not be illegal as long as it’s art because a lot of people get joy out of it. It’s not that bad; it’s colourful and joyful.

The government doesn’t want it but why not? There’s nothing better than walking around the corner to see a massive piece of art on the wall.

It’s not just in New Zealand; it’s all around the world, so why make it illegal when you can make it legal.

100% Art 0% Tagging really is not harming anyone if it’s not swearing or bad pictures and they have permission from land owners.

So do you see why it should be legal?

BY: Taylor M



November 18, 2010 @ 9:28 pm   

It should be legal to do Graffiti if you have permission by the police, or the owner of the property. The people that do the Graffiti might be attached to doing it and can’t stop.

Some of the stuff might be really good and people will get arrested for it, and it would’ve taken them a long time. Some people might want Graffiti on their property and might pay them to do it. Graffiti can make people feel good about themselves and express their feelings.

It shoud be legal because it decorates the town and it makes it look awesome. It shouldn’t be illegal because it decorates stuff that was plain white and turns it into something colourful and bright. Some people really like Graffiti and want it to be legal and want it because it decorates the city.

BY: Nicola



November 18, 2010 @ 10:24 pm   

Dear Government:

I think Graffiti should not illegal because it’s good to look at. Tourists can look at it and get their photos taken.

I would like it to be legal so rough areas of town look nicer. When tourists go on the train – it the tunnel is decorated – they can see it. Graffiti should be legal for when tourists come they can go and see it and admire it. I would like you to not BAN it…

Your’s Sincerely

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